Monday, January 16, 2012

Let Earth Receive Her King

Let Earth Receive Her King by Tedi Wixom Jan. 13, 2012

The framers of the Constitution stand by
     Watchmen of America, their hands tied.
I wonder what they’d think today
     Of the words in their glory day thus penned.
Would they shake their heads in shame
     To witness their works torn asunder?

I pray a blessing on this planet
     In preparation for the reign of Christ
Dear Father swallow up all earthly curses.
     Send us faith in God, with hope in Christ,
And charity toward all men herein;
     May these attributes increase every day.

May a ripple of love emerge like an earthquake
     Rise and reverberate throughout this orb;
May this surge of hope and light go forth
     Through length and breadth of this entire Earth
And like a giant shockwave resonate
     ‘Til it reaches everyone in every clime!

Dear Father aid in healing our humble hearts;
     Break those with flint-like hearts and necks of steel
Replace them with forgiving souls who care;
     Gentle humanity ‘til ev’ry knee bend
And every tongue confess the truth they know
     Let the people of this Earth embrace their King!