Passion for Poetry

No Hands 4/28/99 by Tedi

What if I had no hands?
Some people have none.
Some have one.
Some have two.
I have two hands.

But, if I had no hands . . .
I would never shut my fingers in the car door again.
And I wouldn't have to worry about wearing rings.
Maybe, I bet it's possible,
   that I could get some designer hands
   by whoever makes cool designer hands.

If I had no hands . . .
I could make believe that I had some.
Since I like to write and I use my hands a lot for writing, I guess
   I could use a voice activated program on my computer.
   or, I could simply use my toes.
If I used my toes to write, I would not have to wear shoes.
I don't like to wear shoes.
Maybe it would be okay not to have hands.