About Me Today

Hi, I'm Tedi and I enjoy sharing my poetry with others. I have a wide variety of subjects from fun and fanciful to spiritual to in-you-face. I hope to share a new poem or two once a week to start this blog. Some days I have more time than others. I'm usually pretty busy just taking care of my home front as a mom. I have 8 children. One is a nurse, one is a mechanic, one is a firefighter, one is an actor, one is a musician, only one got the sports gene, one loves to sing, and one loves to do karate. I sing with the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir and I enjoy this time of year when I get to sing with my choir. Some of the best poetry is found in songs. I compose songs and write instrumentals that elevate the soul. Our choir will be at the Waterford School on 94th South in Sandy this Saturday at 8:00 pm. It will be a fantastic evening, we are under the direction of Erin Pike Tall and she is awesome. Hope to see some of you there.