Friday, February 10, 2012

Is This a Bribe?

A Bribe? By Tedi Wixom WED February 8, 2012

I got a call before the South Carolina Caucus.
A cheery voice said, “Mr. Obama is giving away money
            to business owners.
            Would you like to start a business?”
“Yes,” I replied.
The caller needed some information.
She asked, “In what state will your business be located?”
“Utah,” I said.
She replied, “Utah is on our do-not-call list.
            Could you hold a moment while I check something?”
When she returned, she abruptly stated,
            “We aren’t supposed to be calling people in Utah,”
            and she hung up.
This sounds very much like a bribe from Mr. Obama to me.
Utah = Republican voters and
Republican voters = no bribe money for Utah from Mr. Obama.
By the way, what are we going to do
            about that nasty National Debt Mr. Obama?
If dollars were miles, I could travel to the sun
            and back every year for 75,000 years. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lady Liberty

I'm afraid this is one of my darker poems, however
when more jobs in America are government jobs
and not private sector jobs, that is reprehensible!

Also, we are in massive debt to China, the communists.
Wake up America!! You've been lulled into Socialism already.
See the book Suicide of a Superpower 

National Debt Alert!!
If you think of miles in dollars -
You could travel to the sun and back
75,000 times. Think about it!

Liberty Deceased Tedi Wixom 

Lady Liberty,
   We the people of the United States
   With the right to do anything we please,
Have raped, robbed, and plundered
   ‘til sterile womb produces nothing
Except . . .
   Festering sexual scabs,
   Corruption, greed, and
Lust for cankered gold!

Because we have nothing better to do
   We want to kick you
   And spit in your face
Shoot you with our guns
   Stab you with our knives
And laugh
While the last of your blood
    Into the bay!