Friday, March 2, 2012

What's On My Mind

What’s on My Mind? by Tedi Tuttle Wixom WED 2/29/12

What’s on my mind? I’ll tell you what’s on my mind
Too many things going on today; I have got to get a LIFE!
I woke up with a little headache to start off the day,
And I desire to cut down on some of the NOISE in my life.
But there stood two big dogs in my yard, so I drove them away
Back to the address on Hazel, the chocolate Lab’s collar;
I don’t like to worry over animals in the city. That was on my mind.

It was garbage day and it was so windy outside that
All the garbage dumpsters were scattered; and papers,
Boxes, wrappers, trash swirled around through the air
And went tumbling down the street. What a day!
And all of that was on my mind.

My 14-year-old didn’t want to go to school and I about
Pulled my hair out on account I couldn’t get him in my van.
I can no longer pick him up and place him in a car seat!
So, I decided to read and take a shower after eating breakfast.
For lunch I made delicious potato soup with homemade bread.
And that was all on my mind.

I read a couple of chapters for my BYU class.
I shopped for groceries and when getting them out to take them in,
One 2-liter juice fell, popped open -- splat on the ground;
It  merged with the rain on the wet blacktop.
Also a plastic bag fell out of the back of the Jeep and
My picante sauce crashed to the driveway. A second loss!
All of that was on my mind.

I put all the groceries away and put on a chicken and rice casserole.
I thought as little as I could, because of my little headache.
I finally took an aspirin and that helped a bit, but what finally
Made my head feel much better and eliminate my pain was
The dozen delicious pot stickers at WinCo, with the apricot sauce.
And those delicious morsels were definitely on my mind, and in my tummy.

So, then it was time to drive to choir practice at Highland High,
On a snowy white blizzardy night with icy slick roads.
I’m glad the snow wasn’t as deep across on the East side of town.
I sang and sang my little lungs and heart out,
And singing all those difficult yet fun songs was on my mind.

I wrote a song last weekend and now I want to take time out
To write another song. Because music is on my mind
And in my heart, and it goes bomp-bomp-bomp!
And twee-dee-diddle-dee-doo.
I listen to Mozart, I listen to hymns, I listen to classical radio;
Music is always on my mind.

I practiced my choir songs for our Spring Concert at my piano
For at least one-and-a-half hours today and the music is difficult.
Then I drove to practice to sing for 2 more hours.
Beautiful moving music, and it is so much fun to sing
With 60 other singers in our Salt Lake Symphonic Choir;
It’s like heaven when I’m singing with them. And that is my life.
Music is always on my mind.