Saturday, April 18, 2015

Copper Basin at BYU's Museum of Art

Free-Standing Basin  by Tedi Tuttle Wixom 5/21/12
  Copper basin, oh copper basin freestanding and tall
   at least three feet in height; heavily budded tendrils
   woven as large lattice panels on the basin--used for
    child bathing, hand washing, or washing dust from
     weary feet Burnished art beneath of daisy on daisy
      on lily under dotted buds with glossy copper, on
       background of tiny flowers dot to dot around
           heart-shaped petals flowing together forever
           Reflection from a mirror above reveals in-
               side of a five-row pattern of rosettes
                    lilac-like leaves 40 around and
                       more ending in blossoms
                                   next level
                                     a stem
                                of art--again
                               smooth petals
                               on rough back
                                  daisy daisy
                               tooled hearts on
                          background appearing
                  sandlike in texture, but in reality
               flower patterns around and around in
             intricate fashion for all to see and know
         the true designer is the God that dwells inside.