Friday, January 6, 2012

Pain All Around

Here's what happened Monday to me in poetry form.

January 3, 2012

Pain All Around by Tedi Tuttle Wixom

Aches and pains from neck to ankle
One eyelid keeps a twitching
A tumble I took down the hall
A circumstance not bewitching.

Stepping quickly, blindly I hit a paper-filled crate
Sending me headlong, twisting, bobbing
And there upon the floor I fell
My shinbone and ankle throbbing.

A scream emerged from deep inside
Much like a Banshee on the warpath
I wasn’t sure what all else ailed;
Time out for an Epsom Salt bath!

I propped up my leg and sighed aloud
Placed on some ice bags and then waited
I fell asleep there on the floor with
Pain, I felt excruciated!

Upon my bruises I rubbed some Vicks
With a layer of Aspercream next
On my ankle went some peppermint oil
News I sent to my kids by text!

When I awoke the next morning,
My bruised leg felt stiff and sore
My lower back began to twinge
With muscles throbbing to the core.

My mind seemed dull, my senses gone
Haltingly I hobbled ‘til eight
I tossed down a shot of Monavie
To help me to recuperate.