Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today I Sat a Reading . . .

Here it is a new year. Poetry is running around in my mind.
Writers are readers. Here is what was on my mind on Jan. 3, 2012

I read on my bed
I read during breakfast
I read for lunch
Oh how the time passed

I read history online
I read the news
I read in the bathroom
I read before my snooze

 I read from my couch
 I read inside my Jeep
 I read in my recliner
 I read before I went to sleep.

 What things did I read today?

-Atlas of the Greek World by Peter Levi
-Deseret News 
-A History of Ancient Greece, TROY; The Glory That Was Greece by Lewis Jewsbury 1992 [online]
-St. Caldea: The History of Caledonia by John McClarin. 1879, Dunning. Find online at   [Talks about the people who settled Troy.]
-Greece a topic from The New book of Knowledge Encyclopedia 1986
-The Book of Mormon, (I Nephi Chapters 5-7.) Translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. 1830
-Supermoo! by Babette Cole 1993
-The Secret of the King by Rachel Ann Nunes 2005