Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Home

My Home by Tedi Wixom TUES January 17, 2012

I came from a home on high
To my Earth home below for instruction
With parents who could nourish me
And Satan who sought my destruction.

For on Earth I had a mission to perform
But Lucifer thought it a conspiracy
For me to love God and tell others of His plan.
For he relished disorder, chaos, and piracy.

I have a comfy home on Earth;
Some days the jaws of hell stand wide.
For wicked and adulterous mankind here
Take no thought of where in heaven they’ll reside.

When I leave this mortal clay on Earth
And stand immortal by a heavenly greeter.
I know all worldly oaths and curses I’ve endured
Will only make paradise ten times sweeter!