Monday, January 30, 2012

To the Moon Alice! To the Sun Mr. Obama!

To the Moon Alice! To the Sun Mr. Obama! SUN January 29, 2012 by Tedi Wixom

Remember on The Honey Mooner’s with Jackie Gleason as Ralph?
When he was displeased with his wife, Alice?
He’d double up his fist and say, “To the Moon Alice! To the Moon!”
Oh really!
How about “To the Sun Mr. Obama, To the Sun!”

The sun is about 93 million miles from Earth.
That is nearly 100,000,000 miles away – 100 million!

Now let’s compare miles to dollars for visualization.
I could travel roundtrip in miles to the Sun and back 5 times
To equal 1,000,000,000 (billion) miles – only 1 billion!

However, our national debt is just over
15,000,000,000,000 dollars – that is 15 trillion!
I could travel approximately 75,000 times roundtrip
To the Sun and back to Earth again.
That is why I believe a balanced budget is good.
Mr. Obama says being in debt to China is more important.
“To the Sun Mr. Obama – 75,000 times. To the Sun!!”
Who wants to join me in wishing him happy bon voyage?

Does this number representing our National Debt seem possible?
Mr. Obama is caring for each of us, (the father of our nation)
So we will never have to worry our pretty little heads about
Awful, nasty, National decisions like the US spending, debt, or budgets.

Who wants a budget anyway? These are the modern times – he croons
No need for things that sound so inconvenient or old fashioned.
Go to your homes; all is well. I am so popular that I can fix everything!
Plus, I am very suave, handsome, and brainy, I did attend Harvard! (Wink wink.)
All the social programs I implement will be for your wellbeing, because you are . . .
I didn’t mean to say stupid, naive, middleclass, or poor, oh no-no-no I would never
Say that out loud for anyone to hear, because I can relate. Been there, done that!
But for today, I am your King!  You are my loyal subjects, so fork over the taxes.

“To the Sun Mr. Obama. To the Sun!