Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everything to Me

Jesus is Everything to Me by Tedi Tuttle Wixom January 16, 2012

Jesus the Christ came as a baby in a manger
Roamed on earth as a wondering stranger.
The Bridegroom, my brother, the Bread of Life
The one who came to calm hate the strife.

Prince of Peace, Savior, and King
With his life, hope he doth bring.
Champion of children, the Holy one,
My guardian, example, God’s blessed Son.

Brother, Father, builder, and friend
Creator of Earth and worlds without end.
President, High Priest, neighbor, teacher
To the world simply a crazy upstart preacher.

Prophet, Maker, Mighty One, the Word
Timekeeper, gatekeeper, and humble shepherd.
Law Maker, Peace Maker, the Law, and the Light
Law Giver, Prayer giver, granting the blind sight.

Provider of sustenance, maintenance, architect.
Faithful, a doer, Satan’s plan he wrecked.
Healer, carpenter, builder, creator
Chief among the 12 Tribes and Mediator.

God of Israel and Savior of the World,
Fighter of Freedom with truth’s standard unfurled.
Sinless, ageless, and truth defender;
Angel and Saint, a great blessing sender.

Under appreciated while he lived on Earth
By his resurrection he gave mankind rebirth.
Let us praise his holy name every day
And serve only Him for he is the Way.