Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Daughter's Birthday

McKenzie’s Birthday by Tedi Wixom MON Feb. 13, 2012

My dark-haired daughter is turning 12 today.
I really don’t want her to grow up
I don’t want her to change in any way;
I don’t want her to get any older because
I love to watch her paint and play with clay.

She is the one who looks so much like me.
She crochets and knits making vests and caps.
On YouTube she finds designs for origami
And she folds paper into ingenious things;
Art flows from her fingertips I must agree.

She is also brainy in math like her dad
And she reads from books an hour every day
Sometimes her brothers are rude and make her sad
Nonetheless, she sings like a joyous songbird.
I’m honored to be her mother; she makes me glad!